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Bingham rolls all over Hillcrest

MIDVALE — When you get things rolling, everything seems to go your way. The Bingham Miners definitely had things rolling in a very good way in their 41-14 victory over the Hillcrest Huskies.

"Once we got rolling we got focused and put it all together," said Miners coach Dave Peck.

Put it all together they did — offensively, defensively and on special teams. Each part of the team helps make the other's job easier. It was an interception by Miners defensive back Jonathon Cuff at the Husky 9-yard line that set up a 1-yard touchdown run by quarterback Stetson Peck.

Coach Peck said that being able to let the defense "loose" helped keep the Huskies in check. Peck, who serves as defensive coordinator as well, was able to blitz the Huskies and put the pressure on them early and often.

Offensively, the line came up big for the Miners, allowing the Miners to be dominate on the ground.

"There has been a huge effort to get them off the line quicker," said Peck, "and it's paid off for us."

It paid off in a big way as each of the Miners' five touchdowns came on the ground. One of the touchdowns was a 52-yard scamper by John Cluff.

On special teams, the Miners continually gave the Huskies poor field possession. Kicker A.J. Morris hit two field goals, one from 30 and the other from 39. He also only allowed two kickoffs to be returned, as each of the others was into or out of the end zone.

"We're executing better and the kids are starting to feel it," Peck said. "It's like a snowball, and it's beginning to roll."

Peck said that the two close losses the team suffered made the team better, showing that they could play with anybody.

After seeing the way his team played Friday night, coach Peck thinks the future could hold good things for the Miners. "If we can continue to improve on the O-line we can be a factor from here on out."