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Fluoride foes are thieves

Although anti-fluoridationists may hate to admit it, they are thieves. Pro-fluoridation lawn signs are being stolen throughout Davis County in a desperate effort to make others think their "no" view is the only view and the view of a majority of residents. I want to reassure voters that this is not true. Not only are anti-fluoridationists willing to rob us of campaign signs, they are willing to rob us of a proven, public health measure to prevent dental decay.

As the chairwoman of Utahns for Better Dental Health, I am being inundated with people making comments such as "why are we voting on this again?" Your neighbors who are laying a guilt trip on you, saying that their rights are being infringed upon, need to put a shoe on the other foot and realize that they are taking away your rights to protection from needless dental decay. The hysteria and fear are just that.

Beth Beck


Utahns for Better Dental Health