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Ballot box should rule

Thanks to reporter Deborah Bulkeley for presenting two thoughtful, balanced articles on both sides of Amendment 3. Ms. Bulkeley hit the nail on the head when she wrote: "All the conflicting opinions of the proposed amendment's impact suggest the issue will move from the ballot box to the courtroom after Election Day."

That's exactly what this whole argument is about — people moving issues from "the ballot box to the courtroom." I am not inclined to oppose gay marriage or favor a constitutional amendment banning it, but I am downright disgusted with liberals who, failing to win on their issues at the ballot box, take them to the courts, where unelected tyrants impose their own political preferences on the people. People in Louisiana passed a ban on gay marriage by 78 percent, in Missouri by 73 percent, and in California by 61 percent. This fall, in Utah and several other states, similar amendments will pass. If a tiny handful of judges decide to throw out these democratic measures, maybe the people will finally stand up and take action.

Craig Russell