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Pair has perfect 12-0 Grid Picks week

Picking last week's college football winners proved easier than the week before, with two entrants finishing a perfect 12-for-12.

Todd Wood of Salt Lake City wins the weekly contest based on his tiebreaking pick of three on the Wyoming-BYU score. For his effort, Wood receives tickets to a college football game or Utah Jazz game and a Grid Picks T-shirt.

Mary Blackburn of West Valley City also scored 12-of-12, but missed the tiebreaker by 14 points. She receives a Grid Picks T-shirt and can brag that she and Wood were the only ones of 1,205 contestants with perfect picks.

Other runners-up, who win Grid Picks T-shirts, are Tony Sorensen of Morgan, Shaun Blakesley of American Fork, Scott Sargent of Kaysville, Nathan Slaughter of Logan and Paul Putnam of Salt Lake City.

Among our media panelists, KSL Radio's Greg Wrubell made his debut with an 8-4 score, tying the Deseret Morning News' Loren Jorgensen for top weekly honors. Amy Donaldson, Jon Ringwood and Tom Kirkland all went 6-6.

To enter this week's contest online, go the Deseret Morning News' Web page,, and select the Grid Picks line on the home page. Entries are due by 5 p.m. Friday.