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Whom will Dunn sue?

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Every time I pick up the newspaper, I read that state Democratic Party Chairman Donald Dunn is threatening to sue somebody in order to keep Ellis Ivory off the ballot. But what he conveniently fails to mention is just who it is that he is going to sue.

Is he going to sue Nancy Workman for going to her doctor and then withdrawing from the race? Is he going to sue her doctor?

Is he going to sue the Republican Party for certifying a substitute candidate in accordance with Utah law?

Of course not.

The only person Donald Dunn can realistically sue is fellow Democrat Sherrie Swenson, the Salt Lake County clerk. She has stated that her office will place Ellis Ivory on the ballot if the Republicans certify him to be their candidate at the next Central Committee meeting.

Micah Bruner, vice chairman

Republicans for Civil and Informed Participation