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2 hospitalized in Orem in drug-overdose cases

OREM — Police responded to reports of two men who allegedly overdosed while using illegal drugs in separate incidents Friday morning.

A 20-year-old man was found unconscious by his relatives who feared the man had overdosed on heroin and reported the situation to the police. The man was taken to Timpanogos Regional Hospital for treatment.

An 18-year-old woman with the man was arrested on an outstanding warrant and booked into the Utah County jail.

The second man, 19, called the police department himself, fearing he had overdosed on alcohol and cocaine. Officers and paramedics found the man at his home on the floor screaming for help. The man told the police what he had done and where the rest of the drugs were. The man was also transported to Timpanogos Regional Hospital for treatment. Police will determine whether to seek charges after the man recovers.