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Park watered in sections

In the Oct. 20 Readers' Forum, Bob and Kathy Howell wrote that the sprinklers ran every day at Olympus Hills Park. As the person who programmed the timers for watering this park, I felt a need to respond.

It did water every night at Olympus Hills. However, it did not water in the same place every night. It is a fairly large park, which cannot be watered in only one night. Therefore, I programmed the timers to only water certain sections on different nights.

There was an area by the southwest parking lot that watered six nights a week. This was due to the fact that new sod had recently been installed and needed to be established.

Salt Lake County Parks Department realizes the need to "slow the flow." We know that the public eye is upon us, and we are doing our best to save water.

Neill Squires