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Economic plans elements of President Bush and John Kerry

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Important elements of the economic plans of President Bush and Democrat John Kerry. All figures are totals for the 10 years ending in 2014 unless otherwise indicated.

Kerry's Initiatives:

Expand health care coverage, $653 billion.

Education, $207 billion.

5 percent corporate tax cut, $120 billion.

Veterans and military families, $55 billion.

Temporary jobs stimulus, $47 billion.

Energy and environment, $35 billion.

Kerry's Savings:

Repeal Bush tax cuts on people earning more than $200,000 annually, $860 billion.

Create a commission to recommend ways to reduce federal payments to corporations and enact those proposals, $300 billion.

Better disease management by companies and other health savings, $300 billion.

Close loopholes on taxes owed by companies overseas, $120 billion.

Cut 100,000 federal contractors, $50 billion.

Cut federal electric bill by 20 percent, $14 billion.

Bush's Initiatives:

Extend tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003, which otherwise expire by 2010, $979 billion.

Tax cuts and spending increases for health care, economic development, education and jobs, $74 billion.

Other tax cuts for education, charitable giving, other items, $199 billion.

Other initiatives for which White House has provided only five-year numbers: Defense and domestic security, $185 billion.

Bush's Savings, Cost Over Five Years:

All other domestic programs, excluding automatic benefits like Social Security, $115 billion.

Medicaid and other benefit programs, $33 billion.