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Local births

Davis Hospital & Medical Center -

BANTA, Destine Dee and Jacy Glea, Clearfield, girl, Sept. 26

BARDWELL, Chatell Ann and Roby Lane, Plain City, girl, Sept. 29

BARTH, Angela and Steven Lynn, Clearfield, girl, Oct. 1

BISSEGER, Donna Elise and Jeremy Richard, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 26

BRADLEY, Angieluila and Brent Scott, Spring Creek, boy, Sept. 23

BRADY, Melissa Lyn and Matthew K., Kaysville, girl, Oct. 1

BROPHY, Heidi Lizzie and Sean David, Syracuse, boy, Oct. 1

BURRELL, Corrina and Jonathan Phil, West Point, boy, Oct. 2

CLARK, Heather Lynn and Denver Carlos Jr., Layton, boy, Sept. 30

COBABE, Nicole and Aaron David, Syracuse, girl, Sept. 30

COLLIER, Kristi Lynne and Ryan Joseph, Magna, girl, Sept. 23

CRUDO, Melissa and John M., Syracuse, boy, Oct. 1

DALY, Emilie Catherine and Kevin James, Woods Cross, boy, Sept. 23

DONE, Ruth Darline and Brendan Gene, Kaysville, boy, Sept. 24

DOWNEY, Jami Daniell, Layton, girl, Sept. 24

DUKE, Melissa Jo and Louis Mark, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 29

EBORN, Rachel Dawn, Roy, boy, Sept. 24

ERICKSON, Heather and CLARK, James Brett, Layton, boy, Sept. 24

ERICKSON, Colette and Randall W., Ogden, girl, Sept. 24

FARR, Joanne Marie and Mark William, Layton, boy, Sept. 23

FARR, Mary Ameema and Kenneth nathan, Farmington, boy, Sept. 28

FISHER, Kimberly Sue and Matthew Donald, Clearfield, girl, Oct. 4

GILMORE, Janelle Victoria and Roger Brent, Sunset, boy, Sept. 28

HARRAH, Sandra Jo and Daniel Richard, Syracuse, girl, Sept. 30

HARRIS, Hillery Leanne and Chad Randy, Kaysville, girl, Sept. 28

HEALD, Kathryn Louise, Syracuse, boy, Oct. 3

HENSLEY, Tiffany Beatrice and Jamison Porter Alton, Layton, boy, Sept. 24

HEPWORTH, Tiffany Ann and NAVA, Jiovanny Alvardo, Layton, girl, Sept. 23

HOBECK, Dawn Marie and Brandon Eugene, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 27

JOHNSON, Brandilee and Aaron David, Kaysville, 2 boys, Sept. 23

KINGSTON, Kerri Lee and Bradley Carl, Layton, boy, Sept. 30

LAHNER, Cheryl Nicole and SPATZ, Thomas Joseph, Sunset, girl, Oct. 3

LANE, Morgan Amber and LAPLANT, Statten Kelli, Roy, boy, Oct. 4

LARSEN, Krista Lynn and Cale Orville, Roy, boy, Sept. 28

LONDON, Lisa Karon, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 27

LONGFELLOW, Jamie Lynn and Casey Blaine, Clinton, boy, Sept. 29

LOPEZ, Daniela, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 25

LUSAKIVANA, Lassandra Marie and Fabrice Lubaki, Layton, boy, Oct. 4

MAXWELL, Cynthia Ann and Raymond Ellison Jr., Layton, boy, Sept. 29

MCDOUGAL, Lenny Giselle and Brady Stephen Duncan, Clearfield, boy, Oct. 3

MITCHELL, Aimee Elizabeth and Trent William, Layton, girl, Oct. 4

MOON, Amy Rebecca and Nathan Randal, Farmington, boy, Sept. 23

MYERS, Gretchen Anne and Douglas Wayne, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 30

NIELSEN, Katie Rose, Bountiful, girl, Sept. 28

NOBLE, Jennifer Dawn and Wade Forrest, Roy, girl, Oct. 1

OLSON, Heather Fawn and Jared Clarence, Layton, boy, Oct. 4

OLVERA, Tonya Michelle and Daniel, Clinton, girl, Oct. 4

PARKE, Kathleen and Brandon Noel, Layton, girl, Oct. 3

PASCO, Julie and Darrin Kenneth, Syracuse, girl, Sept. 30

PERKINS, Gayle Anne and Christopher Chad, West Point, boy, Sept. 28

PERKINS, Lynette Kay and Brian Lisle, Syracuse, boy, Sept. 30

RENNIE, Stephanie Louise and Daniel, Bountiful, girl, Oct. 4

SHIFFMAN, Cassandra Lee, Woods Cross, girl, Sept. 28

SIMMONS, Nicole Marie and Steven Brent, Clearfield, girl, Oct. 1

SMITH, Lydia Mae and Justin Matthew, Hill Field (AFB), boy, Sept. 30

STEGGELL, Michele Frances and Gary LaMar, Layton, boy, Sept. 23

TANNER, Lisa and Casey Don, Centerville, girl, Oct. 1

THOMPSON, Jana Marie and Joel Dale, Roy, boy, Sept. 30

TURESON, Camille and Mark Kory, Kaysville, girl, Sept. 26

VANDERSTAPPEN, Donelle Georgette and Brandon David, Syracuse, boy, Sept. 24

WHITAKER, Bethany Joy and Justin Brenden, Clearfield, girl, Sept. 30

WIDDISON, Patti Jo and Robert Lynn, Clearfield, girl, Sept. 27

WILLIAMS, Whitney Renee and Justin Brent, Farmington, girl, Sept. 30

WILLIS, Christie Kay and CASTELLANO, Joseph Larry, Ogden, boy, Oct. 2

YOUNG, Jamie Lynn and William Thomas, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 26