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1A baseball first, second teams

First team


Matt BateDugway, Sr. — Finished with a .500 BA, .824 slugging % and a .932 fielding %

Dallas BrownWayne, Sr. — Lead-off hitter had an on-base % of .647, and a .560 BA

Kevin Pelo — Waterford, Sr. — Led state champs with 35 RBIs, also batted .522 with seven doubles

George WilliamsValley, Jr. — Lead-off hitter finished with a .625 BA


Nick HoytValley, So. — Center fielder finished with a .500 BA

Simon LindsleyWaterford, Sr. — .457 BA, 35 runs scored, recorded a 0.39 ERA with a 4-0 record

Dan StoecklSt. Joseph, Sr. — Team's leading hitter had a .517 BA, with 23 RBIs and 27 runs


Jeff GreeneWest Ridge, Jr. — Finished with a 10-3 record, and also added a .632 BA

Dane SchofieldDugway, Sr. — Struck out 116 batters, and also finished with a .568 BA

Ford StewartPanguitch, Sr. — Versatile athlete was team's ace, and also had a .425 BA and 26 RBIs


Jeff SkanchyWaterford, Sr. — Scored 37 runs, added a .514 BA, and also went 6-1 on the mound

Rawley BurninghamPanguitch, Sr. — Outstanding defensive catcher, also added .484 BA and 32 RBIs


Tyler BarneyPanguitch, Sr. — His .444 average and 28 RBIs helped lead team to runner-up finish

Second team


Brayden Blackwell, Piute, Jr.

Victor Jurado, Piute, Sr.

Charlie Langi, Dugway, Sr.

Brad Wood, West Ridge, Sr.


Garrett Burningham, Wendover, Sr.

Kip Robinson, Waterford, Sr.

Ted Waldman, Wasatch Academy, Sr.


Nick Jensen, Mt. Vernon, So.

Troy Hoover, Wayne, Sr.

Matt Mascaro, Wendover, Sr.


David Garrett, West Ridge, Jr.

Jake Wall, Dugway, Sr.


Zac Orton, Panguitch, Jr.