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Sports briefs

Auto racing

BODIES RECOVERED: Crews on all-terrain vehicles on Monday recovered the bodies of all 10 people killed in the crash of a Hendrick Motorsports plane that was carrying family and friends of one of NASCAR's top syndicates.

Federal investigators said they did not know what caused the Beech 200 King Air to crash Sunday en route from Concord, N.C., to Martinsville Speedway, about 7 miles east of the crash site on Bull Mountain in the foothills of the Appalachians.

A bulldozer cleared a path to the crash site so ATVs could recover the bodies.

"The only method we have of getting up to the scene is on ATVs . . . so it's a tedious and slow process," State Police Sgt. Rob Carpentieri said.

The plane slammed into the side of the mountain and its wreckage was blown uphill, said Brian Rayner, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator. Charred debris from the fuselage, engine and other parts was visible, he said.

Rayner said the plane missed its first landing attempt at Blue Ridge Airport before veering off course and smashing into the mountain.


TRIAL BEGINS: An alleged gang member accused of killing the half sister of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams was in a "shoot now and ask no questions mood," a prosecutor told jurors Monday at the man's murder trail.

Robert E. Maxfield, 23, killed Yetunde Price when he fired 11 shots with an assault rifle at a sport utility vehicle in September 2003, Deputy District Attorney Hoon Chun told the Los Angeles County jury during opening statements.

Price, 31, was shot in the back of the head while riding through Compton shortly after midnight in the vehicle driven by her boyfriend, who was not injured.

Price, a mother of three and a beauty shop owner, was also a personal assistant to her sisters, who began their tennis careers in Compton. Both the prosecution and defense said there was no evidence that Price, of Corona, was involved in drugs or gang activity.

UTAH TEAMS WIN: The senior women's team from Salt Lake City captured the 4.5-level national title Sunday at the USA League Tennis championships in Palm Springs, Calif.

The team members are Judy Clark, Marianne Saibara, Diane Congdon, Sue Ellison, Julia Bradley, Debbie Goodson, Pat Osborn and Margaret Blake.

The league groups players from 2.5 (beginner) to 5.0 (advanced).


GRADUATION RATES: The graduation rate for major college football players increased for the fourth straight year, and the rate for all Division I athletes remained at 62 percent, or 2 percent higher than the general student population.

The figures, released Monday by the NCAA, were for athletes who entered college in 1997 and graduated within the six-year window set by the U.S. Department of Education. Starting next year, the NCAA will also compile separate rates that take transfers into account and do not penalize schools if athletes left in good academic standing.

This year's report showed 70 percent of female athletes who entered Division I colleges on scholarship in 1997 have graduated, compared with 55 percent of the male athletes over the same period. Those figures, as well as the 62 percent overall rate, were identical to those compiled last year, the first study since the NCAA imposed more stringent academic requirements.

College basketball

MAJERUS TEAM ANNOUNCED: Former coaches Rick Majerus and Mike Jarvis, and former AP Player of the Year Jay Williams will join ESPN as college basketball analysts this season.

Jarvis, who was fired by St. John's in Dec. 2003, will serve as a game analyst. Majerus, who left Utah last season because of health problems, will work games and in the studio.