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Cedar Hills resident scores 11 right in Week 8 Picks

Boston College's upset of heavily favored Notre Dame stumped many a grid picker — including the entire media panel. Nevertheless, Devin Jackson of Cedar Hills scored 11 correct and missed the tiebreaking score by 20 to claim the prize in Week 8 of the college contest.

Jackson wins his choice of college football or Utah Jazz tickets plus a Grid Picks T-shirt. Jackson was also the only picker among the 1,217 to get 11 correct. The runners up were Alicia White of Salt Lake City, 10 correct, 5 on tiebreaker; Mallory Barlow of Taylorsville, 8 on the tiebreaker; Trent Weight of Orem; John Hunt of West Valley City; Teri Esplin of Broomfield, Colo., and Ryan Parsons of Cedar City all with 10 on the tiebreaker. Each wins a Grid Picks T-shirt.

Among our media panel, Tom Kirkland of KSL-TV went 10-2, while everyone else was 9-3. On the year, Kirkland and Loren Jorgensen are both 47-25, Jon Ringwood and Greg Wrubell are 45-27 and Amy Donaldson is back over .500 at 37-35.

To enter this week's contest on line, go to our web page,, and click on the Grid Picks line on the home page. Entries are due by 5 p.m. Friday.