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Spinebenders: New books

New children's book

Wishing Moon, Michael O. Tunnell, Dutton Children's Books, Fantasy Fiction book, 266 pages, 5th grade and up

Aminah has lost her family, her home and is now a beggar on the streets of Al-Kal'as. She is so hungry that she decides to appeal to the princess in the palace where her father used to work. She hopes the princess will give her a job or even just a little food — instead the princess throws an old lamp at her and nearly knocks her out. Aminah tries to polish the lamp just a little hoping she can sell it for some money or food — and in a puff of purple smoke a Jinni appears. The princess has thrown Aladdin's lamp at her and she now has the control of it's magic. Aminah is determined to keep the lamp and all it can give her a secret from those around her, but to do that she has to keep from being captured and taken back to the palace. Slowly she learns the rules that govern the Jinni's behavior, and she begins to make some educated wishes. But trouble is never far behind and Aminah has to think quickly and smartly to be able to keep her lamp.

Michael O. Tunnel is a gifted writer and professor at Brigham Young University. He has written many children's chapter and picture books, and this is his newest title. This is a "I can't put it down!" book. For those looking for something to read until the next Harry Potter makes an appearance, this may be just the book — especially for girls.

Vicky M. Turner, American Fork children's librarian,