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Thanks for whole truth

The Deseret Morning News is to be commended for printing the story "Insurgents may have missing weapons" (Oct. 26). Most of the liberal media chose to report the phony New York Times version, which used it as another slam against President Bush. The Deseret Morning News' AP story correctly stated that the bunkers had been searched by U.S. troops shortly after the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and were found empty. John Kerry is using this story as evidence of President Bush's "incredible incompetence" as if bunkers, loaded with 380 tons of explosives had been left unguarded and the contents used by insurgents to kill our troops.

In reality, our troops have found and destroyed 245,000 tons of explosives and small arms and are guarding, with the intention to destroy, another 150,000 tons. This, of course, was not reported by any major newspaper.

Dick Willardson

Salt Lake City