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Teachers aren't Rambos

One of the best laughs of the day (Oct. 25) came from Troy Wright's reply to Ron and Norma Molen's letter. Troy has been watching too much television.

Let me see if I can get the picture correctly. A criminal, with gun in hand, walks into a classroom with intent to do harm. The armed teacher saves the day by shooting the criminal. But wait. Where does the teacher have the gun? In a shoulder holster or strapped to his hip? He must be a fast draw.

Possibly the teacher's gun will be in a drawer, locked to keep children out. So the armed criminal walks into the classroom and the teacher says, what? Can you give me a minute to get something out of the bottom drawer of my desk?

I believe in the right to bear arms. I also believe in reality. The vast majority of teachers are not Rambo. They are not mentally or emotionally prepared to fight off gun-toting criminals. Let's let our teachers teach and not spend so much time watching television shows.

Tana Lloyd