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Impeachment is embroiling Snow

Impeachment proceedings for Snow College's student body president quietly began earlier this month, and now some students have a lot of questions.

The trial to decide whether to officially impeach Justin Chandler was held Monday. The students who voted for impeachment also reportedly voted on a self-imposed gag order.

Many students at the Ephraim school only found out Wednesday about Chandler's impeachment through the campus newspaper Snowdrift.

Snow freshman Tracy Healey, 22, is upset that the impeachment came at the hands of a group of student senators who were appointed by school administrators. The student body president and vice president were elected. Before this year, senators were also elected, Healey said.

At the heart of Healey's complaints is that Snow administrators are increasingly micromanaging student government affairs.

"We are saying no more puppet government," said Healey, who is majoring in social science.

No administrators or student senators were available for comment Wednesday. Chandler was also unavailable.

Healey said that, according to the school paper, Chandler was impeached for missing three student body-sponsored activities, which included a dance. On another occasion Chandler was expected to be at a televised version of a presidential debate — he apparently chose to attend a school play instead, Healey said.

A growing number of students believe there is more to the story, which they hope to flush out at a rally and press conference next week.

"Our goal is to find out exactly what happened," Healey said.

That goal is shared by fellow freshman Adelina Greene, 18, who thinks administrators and student senators are keeping information from the student body about Chandler's impeachment.

"I would have appreciated more facts about what's going on at my own school," Greene said.

In Greene's opinion, whether Chandler committed impeachable offenses will depend on an expanded version of the story she has only read about in the school paper.

A student who works for the school paper admitted the Snowdrift didn't have the whole story by press time but said it was because reporters there were being forced to wait for a statement from student senators. The Snowdrift comes out once a week on Wednesdays. The local newspaper Sanpete Messenger also reported on the story yesterday.

A rally is now in the works for next Tuesday — Snow students are off today and Friday — to demand that Chandler be reinstated and that the student body, not the appointed senators, be allowed to decide whether Chandler can remain president.

A press conference is being planned by students for next Thursday and a petition for reinstatement is being circulated around campus. Healey, who is not directly involved in student government, is also posting fliers around campus to drum up interest in the rally.