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Salt Lake County's mayoral chess match

3rd District Judge Stephen Henriod
3rd District Judge Stephen Henriod
Ryan Galbraith/Salt Lake Tribune/Pool

On the ballot: Salt Lake County mayoral candidate Ellis Ivory was certified as the GOP candidate Wednesday morning. County Clerk Sherrie Swensen changed absentee ballot booklets to reflect this, proceeding with efforts to put Ivory's name on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Off the ballot: Democratic Party leaders filed a lawsuit challenging Ivory's certification, questioning a medical note used by Mayor Nancy Workman when she withdrew from the campaign. In an expedited hearing Wednesday, 3rd District Judge Stephen Henriod reversed Swensen's actions, ruling the note was too ambiguous and requiring the ballot booklets to be changed back.

Today: The Utah Supreme Court will hear an appeal of Henriod's ruling at 11 a.m. The hearing will be broadcast live on KSL-TV Ch. 5 and KSL Newsradio 1160.