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DC Comics puts Superman in unusual, 'Bizarro' capers

Superman has been killed, reborn, married, and he's battled hundreds of villains during his comic-book life. So what can the writers do these days that would be different?

In January, it will be the Canine of Steel to the rescue as the Man from Krypton will have to be saved by his dog, Krypto, after being attacked by a surprising foe. Even Superboy will need help from Krypto.

"Action," issue No. 823 ($2.50), on sale Jan. 12, will chronicle that unusual episode in Superman's life.

In the aftermath of DC Comic's current "Identity Crisis" series, Superman will also face emotional issues in January. "Adventures of Superman," issue No. 636 ($2.50), will show the Man of Steel shaken by Lois Lane's recent shooting and the I.D. Crisis events. He seeks out Batman for advice, but he doesn't have the time or interest to help him.

In a sort of sequel to "Superman Birthright," DC will present "Superman: Strength" on Jan. 5, 2005. This three-issue deluxe series will highlight a young Clark Kent whose strength is growing. The series seeks to answer the question, "What is the true source of Superman's strength?" Each issue will sell for $5.95.

If you're into the bizarre, "Bizarro World" might be for you. This high-priced, $29.95, 200-page comic debuts on Feb. 2 and will feature wild and strange stories and art from this square duplicate Earth, where bizarre copies of Superman and his friends live. "It's big! It's indisputably rectangular! It stays crunchy even after you pour on the milk!" is how DC is hyping this unusual comic.

"The Legion of Super-Heroes," DC's 31st Century superheroes, will begin anew on Dec. 29 in issue No. 1 of their rebirth. Mark Waid is writing the story this time, and after a half-dozen rebirths, can he finally get the formula right? Each 40-page monthly issue will sell for $2.95.