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Vote for GOP’s platform

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The majority of Republican or Democratic candidates running for office today, especially in Utah, will act with integrity, honesty and are good people. The real important boilerplate is the platform issues of which both parties stand for.

The Democrats' core value platform is: pro-abortion, same-sex marriage, which is one of the last great moral issues, open gay and lesbian behavior, taking prayer out of schools, letting the U.N. lead our troops, and denying citizens the right to keep and bear arms. Democrats believe in more government, more taxes, all which leads to a socialistic country. These are just a few of the wayward and unwholesome Democratic positions.

The party who is in the majority will control the committee chairman, who decides the agenda, appoints the candidates for judges and determines the direction America will go. The keystone is selecting good moral judges. Yes, we must study the issues carefully and prayerfully and then support the candidates, who will not support this democratic platform.

We do face the ballot box in a few days, and now it's time for us to stand up and follow the LDS counsel by voting for the Republican platform.

David Harvey