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3 people and dog rescued from flood

VIRGIN, Washington County — Three people and a dog, stranded on the wrong side of a rapidly rising creek, are safe after an overnight rescue near the small town of Virgin near Zion National Park.

The hikers were caught on the wrong side of Kolob Creek when floodwaters began to rush downstream about 10 p.m. Wednesday, Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Cory Pulsipher said.

"The water was so strong and so swift, we called the Colorado City swift-water rescue team for assistance. They have four members certified to handle these kinds of rescues in fast-moving water," he said.

The creek, which is normally a mere trickle, grew to several feet deep and nearly 60 feet wide within a short time.The Colorado City team was able to secure a rope across the creek and tie a swift-water raft to it. The 14-foot inflated raft was linked to the rope, which the rescue team used to ferry each hiker and the dog to safety. No one was injured.

Members of the Washington County East Side Search and Rescue team were on scene to help in the rescue effort as well, which wound up about 3 a.m. Thursday.