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Elder Ronald T. Halverson

Quorums of the Seventy

"Our Father in heaven will never take away our agency. We must seek after or desire to know our Father and his son, Jesus Christ."

Living by the commandments of Jesus Christ is the only way any person can know whether or not those teachings are true.

"We live in a day of rationalization. People want to discount spiritual experiences, and they deny themselves revelation. What happened to the seeking mind, the inquiring mind, one seeking to know truth and knowledge?"

Eternal life is what Latter-day Saints should desire more than anything else, and none can know eternal life without having a personal relationship with God and his son.

"One cannot study about Jesus Christ and his teachings without being affected or changed for good."

As members develop a testimony of the Savoir, they will become like him and want to follow him.

The worth of souls is great in the sight of God. He cares about each and every person, and because of that great love, he wants all to experience joy.

When anyone simply asks, the Savior is waiting to help. As members comply with the will of their Heavenly Father, they will experience spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth and a reassurance through the spirit.

All must "awake out of complacency and foolish contentment and come unto Christ and do whatever it takes to earnestly seek truth, to know God, the Eternal Father, and his son, Jesus Christ."