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Speed could be culprit in crash that injured 3

A man who apparently was speeding in a sports car on I-15 caused an accident that tied up southbound traffic for about a half-hour Saturday.

Witnesses said the man's car could have been traveling as fast as 100 mph, according to Derek Jensen, spokesman for the Utah Department of Public Safety.

The car was traveling south on I-15 around 1500 south when it spun out of control. It hit the interstate's left wall, bounced toward the right, hit a car occupied by a woman and a child, hit the wall on the far right, then bounced back across six lanes of traffic and hit the left wall again, Jensen said.

"Luckily, both the driver of the car and the mother and child in the second car suffered only minor injuries," Jensen said.

The man, 25, was taken by ambulance to LDS Hospital. The other two victims were taken to University Hospital.

Jensen said the cause of the crash remains under investigation, but it appears alcohol and a high rate of speed could be factors.