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Yocom, Skordas part ways

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Greg Skordas and David Yocom were friends for years, good friends, having worked together closely eight years in the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office.

No longer. With the two on opposite sides of the Nancy Workman legal case, and with that case becoming more partisan and bitter as time goes on, Yocom has withdrawn his endorsement of Skordas, a fellow Democrat, as his party's candidate for state attorney general.

You won't now find Yocom's name on Skordas' list of endorsements, even though a statement from him was previously prominently featured on Skordas' campaign Web site.

"Greg Skordas . . . is armed with integrity," Yocom wrote. "He is armed with honesty. He is armed with intelligence. He is armed with experience."

Skordas has said several times that his involvement in the Workman case probably would hurt his chances in the race.