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TV Q & A: Rodriguezes aren't related

Question: Is Adam Rodriguez of "CSI: Miami" related to Jai Rodriguez of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"? Also, I heard that Jai has recorded an album. Any idea when it's due out?

Answer: Since Rodriguez is a common name, it seems unlikely that Adam and Jai are related, and further investigation reveals they are not. And Jai Rodriguez can be heard in the cast recording of a 2003 off-Broadway show called "Zanna, Don't!"

Question: In late 1983 or early 1984 there was a TV movie about a group of renegade scientists building an atomic bomb on a tugboat in the harbor at Charleston, S.C. The movie was formatted like a series of special bulletins. I think that the movie was called "Special Bulletin." Do I have the name correct? Is this movie available on video?

Answer: "Special Bulletin" is indeed the title, and it originally aired in 1983. Unlike most TV movies, it was videotaped, which lent it an air of authenticity. It starred Ed Flanders and Kathryn Walker, and it's on video.

Question: This is a question about the actor who plays J. Pryor on "American Dreams." Where have I seen him before?

Answer: Will Estes, who plays JJ. on that NBC series, has been a regular on several shows. They include "Kelly Kelly" (WB, 1998), "The Secret World of Alex Mack" (Nickelodeon, 1994-98), "Meego" (CBS, 1997), "Kirk" (WB, 1995-97) and "It Had to Be You" (CBS, 1993). He was also a regular on the NBC soap "Santa Barbara" in 1984, under the name of Will Nipper.

Question: Who sings the song for the new Toyota commercial? It's the one where you see the tire traveling from place to place.

Answer: The song is called "Beautiful Life," and it's by the band Fisher. It's supposed to be on the band's next CD, scheduled for release early next year.

Question: Many years ago I watched a movie about a man who had five children. The family was very poor and the children were all boys, I believe. They were all taken away from the father and put in separate foster homes. One child was beaten and his leg broken; he walked with a limp the rest of his life. The dad never stopped looking for his sons. I believe they were all reunited at the end of the movie. Can you help me with the name of the movie?

Answer: That's the 1987 TV movie "After the Promise," which starred Mark Harmon and Diana Scarwid. And it was four sons, not five. The movie is on video.

Question: The guy who plays the college president on "Jack and Bobby" looks familiar to me. Can you list a few of his credits in hopes of ringing a mental bell for me?

Answer: John Slattery is the actor, and his film credits include "Mona Lisa Smile," "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights," "The Station Agent," "Bad Company" and "Traffic." He was a regular on the HBO series "K Street" and on "Maggie," a 1998 sitcom that aired on Lifetime. He also played Dennis Martino on several episodes of "Ed."

Question: My husband would like to know the name of the song in the GEICO commercial where the lizard is in a car with a man driving. They're both wearing sunglasses, and when they drive through a tunnel the driver takes off his glasses. When they come out the other side, the driver puts his glasses back on. The lyrics include, "Hey honey bunny, tell me what's your 20, I've got my rabbit ears on and I want to get chummy." Who sings this? It is a catchy tune. My husband sings it a lot.

Answer: Lucky you! That's "The CB Song," performed by The Legendary Shack Shakers on their CD "Cock-a-Doodle-Don't."