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Make your vote count

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I am one of the "unknowns" in this upcoming election. I am a first-time registered voter, female and a student. I stand in a few categories that pollsters and politicians are losing sleep over. Let me enlighten some people of how I, and many other young first-time voters, will be voting this fall.

We are tired of the current leadership. Bush doesn't care for students, which is odd, because we are tomorrow's leaders. He doesn't care about the environment. We do not support his war in Iraq. Those are our friends and former classmates being killed. If America's youths are an expendable commodity, Bush is your man. But I will do what I can to make sure the next leader has my best interests in mind. I will be swapping my vote with someone in Florida, so that my vote for Kerry will really count.

Sara McKenzie Skiles

West Jordan