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ATV riders warned to keep off shores

PROVO — The Utah County Sheriff's Office is stepping up enforcement of laws governing off-road vehicle use on Utah Lake beaches.

The increased enforcement is in response to complaints from area landowners upset by ATV use.

But annoyed neighbors is not the only reason for the police's attention.

"Individuals taking motorized vehicles onto these 'sovereign' grounds are destroying potential archaeological sites and bird refuges, leaving litter along the shores, have caused destructive fires and destroyed private property belonging to landowners along the shore," the sheriff's office said in a statement.

With Utah now in the sixth year of a drought, more acres of the lake bed are exposed than normal, providing a tempting playground for riders.

It's illegal for riders to access any part of the lake bed that would normally be underwater.

Authorities encourage riders to call the Utah Division of State Parks to find out where they can and can't ride in the area.