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Wanted: Performers for Nauvoo

A call for applications and videos has been issued for young performing missionaries and musicians to serve in Nauvoo, Ill., during the 2005 tourist season.

Included is a call for singers and dancers for stage performances. In addition to brass and reed instruments, musicians are also sought for fiddle and piano.

"While talent is important, spiritual maturity and obedience weigh heavily in all final decisions," said Pat Davis, executive director of Nauvoo Productions. "Each applicant selected must be interviewed and approved as a Church service missionary by his or her bishop and stake president."

A mission call, extending from the first of May through the third week in August, is issued to each performer. "This opportunity should not be considered in any way as an alternate for a proselytizing mission," Sister Davis said. "Because this mission is physically demanding, each applicant should be in good health."

Travel expenses to and from Nauvoo are paid by the Church..

All young performing missionaries serve under the leadership of President Samuel Park of the Illinois Nauvoo Mission and under direction of Sister Davis.

Young men, ages 18 through 24, and young women, ages 19 through 24, who are interested should send a legal size, self-addressed, stamped envelope along with a request for a Nauvoo Performance Application to: Nauvoo Productions, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, 15 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84150. For further information, telephone (801) 240-2340.

The video should include two minutes each of the applicant singing an up-beat song and a ballad or hymn, a demonstration of dancing or playing a musical instrument, and reading a couple of verses from the Doctrine and Covenants.

Completed applications and requested videos must be in the Nauvoo Production Office by the first of December. Entries outside the United States will be accepted until Dec. 20.