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Both Bush, Kerry: kin to Dracula?

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — No one ever accused President Bush and John Kerry of being kissing cousins, but watch out — they could bite.

A Utah genealogical research company says both presidential candidates are loosely related through as many as 34 generations to Count Dracula, who was born in 1431 as Prince Vlad III of Wallachia and ruled southern Romania. said Bush and Kerry are distant cousins who can be linked to the Transylvania dictator through the British House of Windsor.

Want more proof? "Blood is a requirement in politics," said Beau Sharbrough, a genealogist for, who couldn't be certain which candidate would take the vampire vote next week.

"They'll be taking an interest in the election and watching it on their plasma TVs," said Sharbrough, former president of GENTECH, now part of the National Genealogy Society. The family tree runs from Count Dracula's family to Bush and Kerry through royal British families, including Prince Charles of Wales.

The connection isn't direct, however. It was made through Count Dracula's brother, with the bloodthirsty sibling shown off to a side, apparently unmarried with no offspring of his own.

But that's only because records are spotty; historians believe Count Dracula seduced "a lot of women" but haven't been able to trace any of his offspring, Sharbrough said.

Many political candidates can be shown to be related if records are available and "you look back far enough," said Sharbrough. He said that if researchers could trace back relations to the dawn of human history, they could show that "everybody's related to everybody."

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