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Pierce article garbage

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Your paper took a hit on credibility when you allowed Scott Pierce's article, "Where were USU fans when UNLV game wasn't aired?" (Oct. 1)

Who died and made Scott Pierce king? Since when has he cared whether we were watching or not? He said, "Frankly, the biggest surprise about the game's unscheduled absence was that there was so little reaction to it." How does he know? Did he contact anyone at USU? People were very upset that the game did not make it on as scheduled. But to say there was no reaction because no one called him is ludicrous.

The only thing I agreed with was his take, "Now, maybe USU fans are just an incredibly intelligent bunch. They had to figure, as we did, that something had gone wrong on the technical end." Thanks for the backhanded compliment. We are an intelligent bunch and will put your article in context: the trash can.

Vincent R. Saunders

West Jordan