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Monday Night Football

CHIEFS (0-3)


7 p.m., Ch. 4

THE SKINNY: As a public service, here are the rushing totals allowed by Kansas City the first two weeks of the season: Quentin Griffin, 154; DeShaun Foster, 176. Next: Jamal Lewis. Oh-oh. As a warmup, Lewis had 186 yards last week against the Bengals, leading Baltimore to a 24-9 victory. We will point out that the NFL record for single-game rushing is 295, also held by Lewis (against the Browns). It's possible that record could be in jeopardy, given the Chiefs' propensity for getting pushed around more often than a metal blocking sled. Lewis is so good the Ravens felt compelled to get rid of Priest Holmes after the 2000 season. All he has done is become one of the NFL's most complete and dangerous backs.

Prediction: Ravens, 23-14.