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State health plan accepting applicants

Eligible Utahns ages 19 to 64 may apply for insurance coverage through the Primary Care Network Oct. 4-29.

The insurance will cost as little as $50 a year.

The two-year-old state program offers routine medical care, dental care and prescription drugs to income-eligible Utahns, emphasizing preventative care to address problems early.

A family of four earning up to $28,275 a year may meet income guidelines. The program is offered to those who do not have access to insurance through work, are U.S. or legal residents and meet the income requirements.

Although the program reached capacity in November 2003, applications are now being accepted as people have left the program and other funding has become available.

Sponsored by the Utah Department of Health, the program will accept all eligible adults during the open enrollment period.

For information, call 1-888-222-2542 or visit