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Brigham girl foils abductor

BRIGHAM CITY — A young girl is safely at home today in Brigham City after apparently escaping an attempted abduction.

The 11-year-old was riding her bike to school Friday morning when a man in a car approached. He offered the girl a ride to school, which was only a few blocks away, Brigham City Police Lt. Mike Nelsen said.

The girl refused but the man persisted, telling the girl he had something inside his car for her. Again, she refused.

"He said, 'Get inside and I'll show it to you,' " Nelsen said. "She automatically knew right there she was in a bad situation."

The girl refused to go toward the man's car. Instead, he warned he would come to her, Nelsen said.

After that, she dropped her bike and ran. The girl kept running to the back yard of a home and hid in some bushes. While running, the girl watched the car drive southbound on 900 East.

She waited until the car was completely out of sight before she dared to return to her bike.

"She did everything right," Nelsen said. "Everything turned out perfectly."

The girl told a friend about the abduction scare once she arrived at school. After that, they alerted the principal.

Police are searching for a white male with medium build in his mid- to late 30s. He has dark, shoulder-length hair with a round face.

He was driving a white pickup or El Camino type of car with red and blue designs on the paint. A silver toolbox sat in the truck bed, and a Spider-Man head was attached to the top of the antenna.

The girl's mother, Holly Patterson, said she is grateful her daughter is home, safe and sound. But Patterson added that she will be more careful because stranger danger is always lurking.

Bunderson Elementary School officials sent a flier home to parents about Friday's abduction attempt.

Anyone with information is asked to call Brigham City police at 435-734-3800.