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Police arrest 2 men in separate burglaries

OREM — Police arrested two men Saturday for investigation of auto burglary in two separate incidents. A 23-year-old man from Eureka was arrested after several shoppers in the parking lot at Costco heard a woman's cries for help.

The woman told police she saw the man inside her car stealing her purse. Police said when she confronted him he fled, taking the purse. Shoppers captured the man and held him for police. He was booked in Utah County Jail for investigation of auto burglary and theft.

In a second incident early Sunday, police arrested a 26-year-old Orem man after a homeowner found him in the homeowner's garage in the vicinity of 1000 E. 200 North. Police chased the man through the neighborhood and found him hiding in backyard bushes of a nearby home, police said. Property from several cars parked in the area was found inside the man's car, police said. He was booked in the Utah County Jail for investigation of theft and burglary.