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County GOP meeting to discuss election

Salt Lake County Republican Party chairwoman Tiani Coleman said the party's central committee will meet tonight to discuss the mayor's race and consider passing a resolution telling her to drop out.

Several county and party insiders said Ivory Homes founder Ellis Ivory will be the one to run a write-in campaign should the meeting go against Workman, which they said is very likely given Monday's preliminary hearing and the latest scandal that shows Workman paid a boyfriend of her daughter's $7,500 for county work that was not done.

The meeting, called by 10 members of the party's executive committee, includes one agenda item: "Discussion of the circumstances surrounding the county mayor's race" and consideration of a resolution. However, Coleman said, she has seen no proposed resolutions.

Her guess, then, is that several committee members will bring "their individual resolutions to the meeting, passing them out, hoping that it will be the resolution the body chooses as reflecting their will."

She said she has seen drafts of resolutions that would call on Workman to drop out of the race, and she has also heard talk about people pushing for write-in campaigns from "the same names that are floating around."

Specifically, she mentioned Ivory, Gov. Olene Walker, former Gov. Mike Leavitt's chief of staff Rich McKeown, former Salt Lake City mayoral hopeful Molonai Hola and former gubernatorial candidate Fred Lampropoulos — though she said Lampropoulos' name has "started to fade" from discussion amid suggestions he is not interested in seeking the office.

"Of course, everyone knows that Olene Walker would have the best chance," Coleman said.

But Walker's spokeswoman said the governor isn't thinking about running.

"She's heard about it (the mention of her as a possible write-in candidate) from several sources. She's flattered, but she's not interested in doing a write-in campaign. She's going to focus on being the governor through the end of the year," Walker's spokeswoman, Amanda Covington, said Monday evening.

Neither Hola, McKeown, Ivory nor Lampropoulos returned phone messages Monday evening.