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Third candidate left out

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I was quite disappointed and a bit surprised to see the lengthy stories and questionnaire answers in Saturday's paper on my two opponents for the office of Utah attorney general. I would have thought I would be given an opportunity to respond as well. I have recently participated in several joint appearances with my opponents, and most organizations are well aware there are three candidates for this office. I have a substantially different point of view from either of them on major issues, and one that deserves to be heard.

Perhaps your editors felt I could easily be excluded because, as a "minor party" candidate, I have little chance of being elected. If so, they did not read the polls, which say Greg Skordas is 37 points behind Mark Shurtleff and also has little chance of being elected. The race for this office is a rare and important opportunity to be informed of the major legal issues.

W. Andrew McCullough

candidate for Utah attorney general

Libertarian Party