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Familiar names pop up on hot-toys list

Here are some of the toys expected to be top sellers this holiday season, according to Toy Wishes, an industry trade magazine. The list is based on the editorial board's review of thousands of toys and interviews with parents, children and retailers.

The list is in alphabetical order, with manufacturers' suggested retail price included.

Balloon Lagoon (Cranium Inc., $19.95)

This play set offers four fast-paced activities that keep children challenged as they race to collect balloons, flip the frogs in a play pond and fish for letters in a play lake, doing it before the timer stops.

Age 5 and up.

Barbie as Princess Anneliese and Erika (Mattel Inc., $19.99)

These two dolls feature Barbie in her costumes from the DVD and video she stars in — "The Princess and the Pauper" — and both come with a pet. Each of the dolls sings songs from the movie's score, and they sing a duet when they are together.

Age 3 and up.

Bella Dancerella (Spin Master Ltd., $29.99)

This is a play ballet studio that includes costumes, a bar and other ballet accessories, as well as a video.

Ages 3 to 8.

Bratz Tokyo A-Go-Go Dance N'Skate Club (MGA Entertainment Inc., $89.99)

This playset is the latest from the maker of the funky fashion dolls. It includes a lit dance floor, revolving DJ booth, roller rink, lounge and working speakers, an exclusive doll and accessories.

Age 3 and up.

Cabbage Patch Kids (Play Along Inc., $29.99)

The original, one-of-a kind doll that became the must-have toy in the mid-1980s is back.

Age 3 and up.

E-L-M-O (Mattel's Fisher-Price, $29.99)

This new version of Sesame Street's Elmo sings and plays along to E-L-M-O to the tune of the Village People's "YMCA."

Age 18 months and up.

InteracTV (Mattel's Fisher-Price, $39.99)

This electronic tablet interacts with DVDs of such characters as Dora the Explorer and Barney, allowing children to answer the questions and play along.

Age 3 and up.

Ms. Pac-Man TV Games (Jakks-Pacific Inc., $20)

This home videogame machine plugs into the TV, uses a joy stick and plays five classic Namco games including Ms. Pac-man, Galaga, Pole Position, Zevious and Mappy.

Age 5 and up.

Nitro Battlerz (Radica Games, $39.99)

Children can create and customize these radio-controlled cars.

Age 8 and up.

Tamagotchi Connection (Bandai America Inc., $14.99)

This is a revamped version of the popular digital pet from the late 1990s.

Ages 8 to 14.

VideoNow Color (Hasbro Inc., $75)

This updated portable video player now features full color. Children can choose from a library of favorite shows to create their own collection including hits from Nickelodeon.

Age 6 and up.

VTechV.Smile (VTech, $59)

This interactive learning system plugs directly into the TV and reinforces language, math and problem-solving skills.

Age 3 to 7.