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Utahns can register to vote until Oct. 25

Utahns still have several weeks to register to vote in the November election, unlike their counterparts in more than a dozen other states.

Numerous national news reports stated that Monday was the voter registration deadline across the country, causing a flood of telephone calls to the State Elections Office, director Amy Naccarato said.

"People are calling and saying, 'I heard today's the last day,' and we said no, not in Utah. In Utah, there's still plenty of time," Naccarato said. "Every state is just different. We've always been later."

The deadline to register for the general election in Utah is Oct. 25.

Utahns can download a voter registration form at The forms must be postmarked or turned in to Utah's county clerks by Oct. 13. Would-be voters can still register in person until Oct. 25.

For more information, contact the State Elections Office at 538-1041.