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Rock on . . .

The royal treatment

Ah, to be a prince.

Or maybe a cheerleader.

The London Telegraph reports Britain's Prince Harry appeared at a tag rugby game at Greenfield School in Walsall, England, recently, and began cheering.

"Go on, go on!" he called. "Well done, guys. Great job!"

Downright sporting of him — wouldn't you say — to cheer a group of schoolboys?

On the other hand, it may have been the Prince's reaction to seeing the Utes ranked No. 11 this week.

Just win, baby

Speaking of the Utes, coach Urban Meyer says he's not planning to go anywhere.

Meyer told the Deseret Morning News he loves Utah. Equally important, his family does, too.

"As long as we're filling the stadium, as long as we're continuing to grow as a program and as long as I feel these student-athletes are getting the best opportunity to be a top 25 program, which I think it is, I'm going to be the coach here," said Meyer.

He forgot one other thing: as long as he keeps winning.

A kiss is but a kiss

Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight, after giving National Press Club president Sheila Cherry a buss on the cheek at a ceremony: "That is a historical moment — my kissing a writer."

Maybe. But I'm waiting for the day he kisses John Feinstein.


Jan Hubbard of The Dallas Morning News says the New England Patriots have become the first NFL team to have stories in Chinese on its Web site.

What's that saying about a billion people in China not caring? The site is getting only 1,600 hits a day.

"Assuming that each of those is from a different person," writes Hubbard, "it means that only 999,998,400 Chinese don't care."

Dream on

Tim Frisby isn't someone you'd know.

Unless you believe in "Rudy" type stories.

Frisby is the University of South Carolina's 39-year-old receiver.

The walk-on player, who goes home to a wife and six kids, played four downs in a recent game.

"I guess," Frisby told the L.A. Times, "the whole moral is, it's not too late to do anything if you really want to do it."

Glad to know it, because I still plan to play outfield for the New York Yankees, date Lynda Carter and set the world record for buffalo wing consumption.


Greg Ostertag is out for four to six weeks with a broken hand.

The Sacramento Bee says he "couldn't navigate his way around his new area digs Saturday night, tripped, put his right hand down for support and came up with a third broken metacarpal bone."

Even for 'Tag, that sounds strange.

Still, he's no longer in Utah, so we can't blame Jerry Sloan.

And with Shaq in Miami, we can't blame him for slapping 'Tag to the floor, either.

So maybe it happened the way he said after all.

For them, too?

Seems the Utes and Britney Spears have something in common — a weekend off.

CBS's David Letterman on Spears' marital status: "There will be no wedding on Saturday. It's a bye week."

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