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7 local agencies join online site for pets

Homeless pets in the Salt Lake area have a much greater chance of being adopted now that seven more local agencies have joined — the oldest and largest online database of homeless pets.

Chow Rescue of Salt Lake, Riverton City Animal Control, Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation, Hope Haven Rescue, Wasatch Animal Rescue, Best Friends on Tour and West Valley Animal Services are now all aligned with the Web site.

"Once a pet's photo and description are added to our database, its chances of being adopted go up substantially," said Betsy Saul, president and co-founder of the site. "No longer does a pet have to wait for an adoption day or someone to walk in the door of a shelter. Its information is out there for potential adopters to see from the comfort of their own homes on their time schedule."

More than 7,700 animal welfare groups in the United States and Canada post their pets on the Web site. It was created in 1996 and helped 1.5 million pets find new homes last year.