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Challenge to feature television personality

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Richard Karn

Richard Karn

Richard Karn, the Al Borland on ABC's "Home Improvement" and host of "Family Feud," will be hosting "The Little Giant Ladder Challenge" at The Deseret Morning News Home Improvement, Remodeling and Decorating Show on Saturday starting at 3:30 PM.

The Little Giant Ladder Challenge will pit The Little Giant Ladder System against multiple conventional ladders in a test of versatility. Couples will compete using several traditional ladders against Hal Wing, the Little Giant manufacturer, in a variety of home uses.

A prize of $500 will be awarded to any couple completing the specific uses, using multiple ladders, more quickly than Wing, who will use only one Little Giant Ladder.

"Everyone knows that The Little Giant Ladder is the strongest, safest ladder in the world," said Wing. "Now we are going to prove that it is also the most versatile and time-saving ladder."

Karn will be joined by Robin Hartl, co-host of nationally syndicated PBS and TLC do-it-yourself television programs.

The Little Giant is manufactured in Utah by Springville-based Wing Product Development.