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Bleeding Through enjoying ride

Their distinctive sound has found them many fans

Ryan Wombacher, left, Derek Youngsma, Marta, Scott Danough, Brian Leppke and Brandan Schieppati of the group Bleeding Through.
Ryan Wombacher, left, Derek Youngsma, Marta, Scott Danough, Brian Leppke and Brandan Schieppati of the group Bleeding Through.
Warm Fuzzy Publicity

Bleeding Through vocalist Brandan Schieppati said his band was weaned on the punk sounds of the Misfits and Black Flag, as well as the power-saw guitars of metal bands Pantera, Slayer and Swedish death-metal bands.

"In Orange County, where we're from, there were a lot of punk bands," Schieppati said by phone from his home in Southern California, "and we decided to go in another direction. We felt like once we added keyboards and took on a more thrash-metal approach, it opened a whole new style."

However, when Bleeding Through started playing its new style, the band members got a little worried. "We didn't think there would be anyone interested in what we were doing," said Schieppati. "But apparently we started playing the new style at the right time. People liked what we were doing."

Some three albums later and with a few tours under its belt, Bleeding Through sees touring and putting out music as something they've always done. The band's new album "This Is Love This Is Murderous" is the first time the band has worked with a producer, Ulrich Wild.

"It was nice to be able to work with someone who looked at the band from the outside," said Schieppati. "And the fact that we weren't too rushed to get this album out. We had time to look at the songs we were doing and get them right. In the past, we wouldn't have that luxury, and we'd be strapped for time. Consequently, we wouldn't get all the songs exactly how we wanted them. If they sounded OK, we would leave them. This time, we had time to go back and make them better."

Although the band is enjoying the success of the new album and touring to support it, Schieppati said he's looking forward to recording the next album. "This will be the first time we've had a solid lineup," he said with a laugh. "And the songs we are writing now are better than what we have written in the past."

Bleeding Through's songs have the fans in mind when they are written. "With how the music scene is today, we wanted to make songs that kids could rally behind," said Schieppati. "We wanted to let them know there are others out there who support them like they support us. Our lyrics try to convey that, and we're at a good place in our career."

If you go

What: Bleeding Through, Walls of Jericho, Martyr A.D., It Dies Today

Where: Lo-Fi Cafe

When: Tonight, 7 p.m.

How much: $12

Phone: 467-8499 or 1-800-888-8499