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No white knights, please

At Republican Central Committee meeting on Oct. 5, Ellis Ivory stated he would accept no payment or perks as Salt Lake County mayor, and that he had other friends who would also work in county government for free.

I believe in accountability for our public officials. I have no reason to disbelieve Ivory's sincerity. However, I do have concerns about groups of wealthy individuals gathering together to run governments without receiving appropriate compensation. I believe it could lead to an elitist government, making it harder for the average person to participate in politics. I also believe it could lead politicians to conclude that since they are not receiving compensation from taxpayers, they are ultimately not accountable to those taxpayers.

I encourage Ivory to reconsider his campaign promise. I am not looking for a "white knight" to come and save me; I am looking for public officials who believe in being accountable to the taxpayers.

Derek Schwebach

Salt Lake City