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Kerry is no Eisenhower

Lewis H. Jones' attempt to equate John Kerry with Dwight D. Eisenhower (Readers' Forum, Oct. 7) is both absurd and an insult to our heroic general and brilliant 34th president.

Unlike the left-wing extremist senator from Massachusetts, Gen. Eisenhower did not misrepresent his military record, did not slander his comrades-in-arms and was not despised by large numbers of men who served with him. And unlike the senator, President Eisenhower did not change his philosophy and policies with each new poll and focus group, and he did not pander to class and racial hatred.

Yes, as general and president, Ike did exhibit remarkable wisdom and foresight, as well as integrity and honesty, four qualities completely lacking in John Kerry.

Robert C. Steensma

Salt Lake City