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Police lose 4 men who refused to stop car

Police searched unsuccessfully through a neighborhood near 2100 South and State Street on Thursday night for four men who ran from the Utah Highway Patrol.

None of the men was found, and the search was called off about 8:30 p.m., UHP spokesman Derek Jensen said.

About 7:20 p.m., a trooper tried to stop the car near 1700 South and Main Street because the license plate indicated the vehicle's registration had expired. The car did not stop, Jensen said.

The car tore through the O.C. Tanner parking lot and entered State Street. The car went over the median, jumped a curb and stopped on the grass outside the Salt Lake County Complex. The four men bailed from the car.

Police set up a perimeter and used dogs that detect scent. A dog may have tracked a scent near 200 East and 1900 South but lost it, Jensen said.

After the search was called off, officers went through the car to look for clues that would identify the men. Jensen said he does not know why the driver didn't stop.