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The Savior knocks; open the door

Beware the shifting philosophies of men

Millions in the world today are content "with life as it is," said Elder Ronald T. Halverson of the Seventy on Saturday afternoon. They have been, as Nephi stated, pacified and lulled away into carnal security. They are steeped in traditions and taught by men's precepts.

What is the reward for following the philosophies of men? "The answer seems clear. The philosophies die with their civilizations and are left in the dust of the past without hope of eternal reward," Elder Halverson said.

Heavenly Father never gives up on His children, he added. The Savior has said He stands at the door knocking, ready to join those who hear His voice.

"But we must have the desire to open the door even if it shakes the very foundation of our past beliefs and way of life," Elder Halverson said. "And this applies to less-active members, as well as those who are not yet members of the Church."

Heavenly Father will never take away agency. People must seek after or desire to know the Father and His Son. "There is a way by which all men can know whether or not the teachings of Jesus Christ are true. As Jesus answered the skeptics at the Feast of the Tabernacles, He said, 'If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.' "

What is the Father's will? Elder Halverson answered with a quote from President David O. McKay, saying the Church "bears testimony to the world that the will of God has been made manifest in this dispensation, that the principles of the gospel and the principles of life have been revealed, that they are in harmony with the principles which Christ taught in the meridian of time."

In a time of rationalization, people want to discount spiritual experience and deny themselves revelation, Elder Halverson said. The Lord wants His followers to be sensitive to the Spirit and prayerful.

"To know God and His Son is eternal life," he said. "How can we learn to know God if we are unwilling to seek after Him and do His will? Eternal life is what we should desire more than anything else in this world."

Studying Christ and His teachings changes people for good. The Savior wants His people to experience Christlike joy.

"As one complies with the will of our Father in Heaven, there will come spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth and a reassurance through the Holy Spirit of truth."