The Sandy City Council must love empty stores. Drive around Sandy and you wonder what the Sandy City Council is thinking.

At 10600 South and 1300 East sits a former Farmer Jack/Safeway store that has been vacant for years. On 9000 South and 1000 East sits a recently vacated Fred Meyer Store. At 8000 South and 1300 East there is a former Kmart box that is finally being developed into Gold's Gym.

Now add to that list a vacant Wal-Mart at 10400 South and State Street and a vacant Lowe's at 300 West and 9000 South, all so they can move to 1000 East and 9400 South.

For the large contingent of Sandy residents truly against this, perhaps they can offer their councilmen jobs as greeters at Wal-Mart after the next election. Speaking through the ballot box will speak louder than attending meetings at City Hall.

Douglas L. Webb