Much deserved kudos to David Vandagriff, the Provo "criminal defense attorney and special prosecutor," for sharing firsthand, factual experience with criminals in rebutting Don Gale's media elitist "common sense" anti-gun tripe.

One word of caution for Deseret Morning News editorial page readers: whenever you see the words "common sense," "reasonable" or "sensible," you can usually translate those words to mean, "since I have no substantial data to support my assertion, you should just accept my clearly superior opinion as the final word on this matter."

I am a new subscriber to the Deseret Morning News, but it does appear the editorial staff has a strong anti-gun agenda. That's a little surprising considering the Deseret News seems to be the de facto media voice of the normally conservative Salt Lake market. On this particular issue, the paper would seem to be out of step with a large portion of its readership.

Dale Steadman

West Jordan