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Think about hunting

Is hunting moral? I am not writing this to tell you whether it is or it isn't, just think about it. More than ever, the hunting rights of man are being severely threatened; foreign countries are passing legislative bans on lead bullets. Sweden already has put a ban on the use of lead bullets. Do you think that America should put a ban on lead bullets?

On the other hand, states such as New Jersey retain the services of deer management system to help reduce the herd size. They are not just selling deer tags, which are rather expensive; they have contracted sharpshooters who hunt the herds just to thin them.

So now that you have heard both sides, what do you think about hunting? Do you think they should ban the use of lead bullets, or do you think that they should support it? Do you think that it is moral? Maybe what is moral is not always right?

Brandon Iane

Salt Lake City