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NBA briefs

PROTEST ENDS: The inside-out shirt protest by NBA officials over the suspension of referee Michael Henderson apparently ended after one day.

Officials Dick Bavetta, Tony Brown and Leroy Richardson wore their shirts the conventional way as NBA play resumed Saturday with the Miami Heat on the road against the New Jersey Nets.

Referees at all 10 NBA games Friday night were expected to take part in the protest, although officials Eddie F. Rush and Nolan Fine worked the Grizzlies-Bucks game in Milwaukee and did not. The third member of their crew, Rodney Mott, wore his shirt inside out with No. 62 on the back.

"Last night's display was woefully inconsistent with the professionalism with which NBA officials normally conduct themselves," commissioner David Stern said in a statement released Saturday. "There is nothing more to say at this time."

DUNCAN ON INJURED LIST: Tim Duncan was put on the injured list by the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday, two days after the two-time NBA MVP injured his leg in a loss to Dallas.

The team said Duncan had an irritation of the left patellofemoral joint, where the thigh bone meets the knee.

Duncan is averaging 23.2 points, 13 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game in 54 games.

The team had already ruled Duncan out for Saturday night's game against Denver and said his condition would be re-evaluated next week.

STACKHOUSE OUT: Wizards swingman Jerry Stackhouse plans to sit out the remainder of the year to rest his ailing left knee.

Stackhouse's latest injury was caused by overcompensating for his injured right knee, which kept him out for most of the season and never fully healed.

He talked with Coach Eddie Jordan and his teammates after he scored 20 points in 31 minutes of play in Saturday's 122-110 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, and that they support his decision.

"They see me laboring out on the floor," Stackhouse said. "It takes a toll on my whole body . . . I've got to get back to being Jerry Stackhouse."