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Store worker foils robbery in Spanish Fork

SHARE Store worker foils robbery in Spanish Fork

SPANISH FORK — A Spanish Fork store employee maintained a grip on a would-be bandit even after the teenage girl pulled out a stun gun and zapped the worker on the arm and hand.

Lily Scholl, 18, who works at Pro-Cleaners, is being credited with foiling the 10 a.m. attempted robbery.

According to police, when Scholl saw the girl snatch money from a cash register, Scholl yelled, then lunged at the fleeing girl. She grabbed the girl's hooded sweatshirt and pulled her to the floor.

Scholl was punched in the eye during the struggle. Hoping to break free, the girl pulled out an electric stun gun and took aim. The gun is similar to the ones issued to police officers.

Police, called by other workers, soon arrived and arrested the girl.

"It was a great day," said Scholl, who has worked at the business for just one month. "I can't just sit there and watch someone take something that doesn't belong to them."

The girl could also be charged with aggravated assault because she used a stun gun, said Spanish Fork Police Lt. Steve Adams.

In the past two months Pro-Cleaners has been robbed eight times. Adams said a man wanted in connection with one of the previous incidents was also arrested Tuesday.